The Spiritual Rhythms “Five A Day”



"Act or Action" is a deed, something which is done, an act of kindness, something which will bring support or affirm someone.

To act might also have a negative impact, so there needs to be the positive - "an act of forgiveness" to counter it.

To act requires something to be done. It is a verb: you will remember from school days that a verb is a 'doing' word, therefore it is not something which is passive.

We act and re-act in different ways, in different times and places and with different people.

In the context of our faith we look to Jesus as the example of how we should act both in our own lives and in encounters with others.

We acknowledge Jesus' ulimate "act of sacrifice", the giving of his life on the cross.

Some questions to think about, which might promote discussion

Which situations are a challenge to acting in a Christ like way?

Why are our actions both personally and corporately as a church so important to how the outside world views us?

How might our actions support those who are suffering, in challenging situations, finding life difficult both locally and further afield?

Should our actions be prayerfully consideredfirst or is it better to get straight on and help with the practicalities?

What is our response when we are prompted by God to take a certain course of action?

Bible Passages which might be a starting point.

Old Testament
Genesis 6: v 9 onwards - Noah's action in building the ark.
Aspects of the account of Moses, his calling from God, the journey with the Israelites, Exodus 3 onwards.
The account of Daniel, an exile in foreign land, his actions in challenging circumstances, book of Daniel.
Lookingat the lives of one of the prophets, e.g. Elijah (1 Kings 17) or Jeremiah.

New Testament
The parable of the Good Samaritan - Luke 10:25
The great commission - Matthew 26:16
The daughter of Jairus and a sick woman - Mark 5:21
Jesus talks with the Samaritan woman - John 4
Action of Jesus on the Cross - Luke 22-24


Singing the Faith sections - 242-258, 401-419, 419-439, 658-675.


Prayer of St Francis
If you have access to the Internet then the Methodist website offers a number of prayer resources. as do other denominations. The following site also has a varied collection of prayers.