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Own arrangement for Spiritual Rhythms - Introducing the Subject

  • The president and vice presidents addresses are available online or from your minister.
    These are worth reading to see where the ideas began and are useful to begin your preparation from.
  • In the circuit service we used Psalm 67 and Matthew 6:5-15 which focus on praise and prayer.
    • Other psalms- 145, 149, 8, 1 are just some examples
    • Romans 8:18-30 talks about the spirit helping us in prayers.


  • Hymns and Psalms has hymns relating to various prayer types 486-660
  • Singing the Faith 1-99; 419-439; 489-517
  • Others generally available :
    • May the mind of Christ my Saviour
    • Make me a channel of your peace
    • Dear Lord and Father
    • When our confidence is shaken
  • There are many hymns reflecting prayer life, make sure you use a variety.


  • The day by day booklets have a variety of prayers in them which may be useful.
  • Try to get some variety- silence is easier to introduce in prayer than otherwise.


  • Someone may be prepared to talk about what prayer means to them.
  • There are passages in Christian biographies or autobiographies.
  • Encourage people to talk together – in 2/3s – about how they pray or what they find difficult.
  • You can compare the 5 spiritual rhythms to 5 fruit and veg a day- this is about your spiritual health


  • Day by day prayer books- Circuit has these for each church
  • The spiritual rhythm postcards have the 5 spiritual disciplines on them - Circuit has them for every church
  • Your minister is likely to have prayer resource books you can borrow.