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Pastoral Letter - Mar 19 - May 19

Dear Friends,

Spring is in the air! In the garden I can see crocus in flower and daffodils not far behind; there are also other bits of green peeping through the soil, but I'm not entirely sure what they are yet - a lovely surprise; and a reminder of God's amazing and intricate creativity.

Already, it's feeling that the dark days of Winter are behind us; Christmas and New Year are probably just distant memories for many of us. What then of your New Year Resolutions, if you made any? Some people see the start of a new calendar year as a good time to implement new, positive habits or perhaps try to give up some of the less positive ones. Despite our good intentions, the concensus seems to be that this is easier said than done and by March many of our resolutions have fallen by the way-side.

This year, March also brings with it the beginning of Lent, a time when we think about Christ's time in the wilderness and also prepare for Holy Week and Easter. Many people give things up for Lent, others try to do extra acts of kindness or charity, or engage in a Lent Study. Because it's for a specific period of time it seems to be easier to achieve; and sometimes it grows into a much longer-term habit.

Organisations like All We Can and the Joint Public Issues Team are encouraging us to think about our impact on the Planet and the Global Community this Lent - to take better care of God's amazing creation and better care of each other so that the most vulnerable might be less likely to experience catastrophic climate events and that some of the world's most precious resources like clean air and clean water might be freely available to more of the world's population.

Love is, I think, the most precious resource of all and one which grows the more it is shared. Lent and Easter reminds us of the amazing, extravagant, life-giving love of God. I wonder if there is one small way you could commit to sharing God's love with others this Lent - who knows where it might lead?

May you know God's love and peace as you travel through Lent and into Easter and beyond.


Sarah Parkin