The Christmas Spider

I hope you are sitting comfortably, as I am going to tell you a Christmas story...

This is one story explaining the tradition of hanging tinsel on your Christmas tree... Have a wonderful Christmas, and never forget a small gift of kindness can mean the world to others!

A long time ago in a small cottage in a small town there lived a poor family. The children of the family loved Christmas as it was the time of year that they were all together, but still they wished that they could have all the decorations that they saw in the houses of the wealthier members of the town.

Their parents worked very hard all year round to provide for them but each year they were unable to buy a tree or decorations of any kind. Well this year the father had worked for the mayor of the town, who had told him that he could cut down a tree for his family for free. The father brought home a small tree on Christmas Eve and the children were excited, until they discovered that they did not have anything to decorate it with.

Their mother reminded them that Christmas was not about the decorations and they were lucky to have each other and ushered them off to bed. However once they were gone she sat with her husband and cried, saying that she wished they had something to decorate the tree with to make this Christmas special for their children.

In the corner of the room lived a Spider. She watched the mother cry and thought how kind the woman was - how she had never tried to remove her from the cottage and allowed her to keep warm there, and how she had never tried to kill her or her young like others had tried to in the past - and she decided that she would find a way to help the family.

Once the humans had all gone to bed, the Spider looked at the tree and had an idea. She spent the entire night spinning a Web around all of the tree, knowing that when the light hit it in the morning then it would look beautiful. It was not much but it was all she could give to the woman and her family.

Christmas Day arrived and the family awoke just before dawn. They were amazed at the beautiful designs of the Web. Then the first light of the new day hit the Web and the strands of it were turned to silver and gold. The spider smiled, praising God and thanking him for helping her to give the family something wonderful and precious!