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Jigsaw Puzzles

Courteousy of Liz Margrave and "Liz's Musings" ...

Recently after a visit from a little friend of mine - he's just turned four years old - it brought to my mind that Life is rather like a jigsaw puzzle.

Each time he comes, he brings with him some jigsaw puzzles to play with. They are in bags, so there is no picture to follow! He knows them off by heart so is very quick at putting them together! He thinks it a good idea for me to do one at the same time and see who wins! Unfortunately, as I have no pictures to go by and I am busy talking to his mother, I am very slow - which he points out to me with only "that look" that a child can give you, and offers to help me.

A child's puzzles are small and uncomplicated, whilst adult ones probably have as many as two thousand pieces or are three dimensional. Each piece of the jigsaw fits into a prearranged pattern. Life is like that, with all its twists, turns and experiences, finally they fit together to make a whole. At the beginning, like my friend's jigsaws, we cannot see the whole picture, so trust in God and wait for him to lead us. I don't believe in "Fate", but I am sure things are meant to be. I often think "if that hadn't happened, this wouldn't have happened".

If I hadn't been "guided" to move to West Rasen, I wouldn't have met my wonderful church family at Middle Rasen, which has brought me great happiness one way or another. But we have to trust in God to lead the way - "He works in a most mysterious way, His wonders to perform." (Hymn 65) Jesus and Samuel were just two examples - they knew from a very early age to trust in Him and He would direct their path.

Our Church family is rather like a jigsaw, although there is no "puzzle" about it! Each member goes towards making the whole, although the whole is not finished yet! The members with "the jobs" are the outside pieces keeping everyone together and drawing them into the middle where God reigns. The Ministers and the Preachers are the corner pieces guiding those round the outside. No one is more important than another in God's eyes. If one "piece" is missing, straight away concern is shown as to where that "piece" is, because Chapel needs all the "pieces" in "working" order!

Liz Margrave