Pastoral Letter - May 20

Dear All,

We speak of unprecedented times in an almost casual way these days. This morning I walked round the supermarket, 2 metres from everyone. There are still shortages on the shelves. By Wednesday my service is prepared and Thursday is sending day. No doubt your weeks also have a different pattern and rhythm these days, some of which will be positive and others a real loss. As things move back towards a different normal, we will need to think about what changes we will want to keep.

We are Methodist people, we are seeking to stay connected, hence an early Link. The churches, however much we may cherish them, it is not the building - it is each of us. The body of Christ in our homes, actions & living. Our worship sustains & inspires us to do this, we can worship wherever we are, individually, in groups on Zoom or WhatsApp, using the same prayers. I’ve already been asked if we’ll keep a monthly Zoom service. I saw a circuit saying we will plan someone to write home worship sheets as we’ve realised it includes those housebound in a way we had not considered before.

What are you learning? Where is your spiritual nourishment coming from? What will you hold onto from this time?

My prayers are with you around the circuit & I know that God sustains us and in love will guide us forward into a hopeful future.

Rev. Louise