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Pastoral Letter - Mar 20 - May 20

Dear Friends,

Some of you may know that I am a keen reader and I love to “escape” as I become engrossed in a well-constructed story. The story of Easter is ultimately joyous but getting there is much more of an emotional rollercoaster! You may know that the Presidential theme this year is “So, what’s the story?” Stories can be a gentle, yet powerful, way of sharing God’s good news for all the world with those who have yet to experience it, and those who perhaps need to be reminded of it.

As Barbara Glasson said during her President's Address to Conference on the 29th June 2019:

"The story of God and the stories about God, the stories of life and the stories about life, make sense of who we are as humans, created and loved in a world full of perplexity and delight. … We are called to tell stories, to listen to stories and to wrestle with stories, … and to go on believing that as people of creation, exodus, crucifixion, wilderness wandering and even in exile we can still claim the hope of resurrection and the gracious promise of life in all its fullness.”

It’s a theme which seems to be recurring for me: I was reminded of it at 3Generate in November when we were challenged and encouraged to think about where God is in our story of 3 Generate and then at our Circuit Service in early February, Tim Baker, of All We Can, invited us to think about where our individual stories began and where these fit into the bigger story of God. Maybe God is giving me a nudge? Might God be nudging you too? Perhaps you might like to take some time this Lent to think about or begin to answer that question. After all, sharing your story of God’s love could be the good news someone else needs to hear.

As we think about our individual stories and how they fit into the story of God, may you continue to experience the good news of God’s love, grace, and peace, afresh each new day.

Have a very happy Easter,

Rev. Sarah