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Pastoral Letter - Sep 19 - Nov 19

Dear all,

As I write this it feels like Autumn has arrived but it’s still over the horizon, I hope. It often strikes me that Methodists are strange people as our year begins as the calendar year begins to end. The new beginnings of the Methodist New Year, as ever in meetings, means we start to engage in circuit and church with the decisions of the Conference. These can be challenging and this year we have a particular task - to engage with the implications of the Marriage and Relationships report. In this Link you will find an article about how we, as Methodists, engage with the Bible and the reality that we are all different in how we do so. I hope you will take time to read it and think about how you interpret the Bible and also how others might do so differently.

The theme set by the President (Rev Barbara Glasson) and Vice President (Dr Clive March) for the coming year is “What’s the story?” Both being writers, they have produced a book which tells their stories and reflects on God at work and how they have discerned that thread and changed in the journey. I think often there are times in our lives when changes happen, when something comes to an end, that we reflect and look on those threads of God. They encourage us to do so, to engage with the story of God at work amongst us and in our lives and begin to tell the story. Stories are a vital part of our lives, and often children remember the stories grandparents have time to tell. Perhaps in the Autumn of life, we have more time to slow down and reflect. Maybe we could learn from that.

So, let’s tell our stories, listen with interest to each other, especially where we are different. Let us learn from our new Minster, Heather, as she tells us her story and as we learn from it, develop our own. I encourage you all to come to her welcome service, 8th September at 10.45 am.

I wish you all blessings on this New Methodist year and I hope like me you enjoy the colours and gifts of Autumn.


Rev. Louise Carr