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Pastoral Letter - Mar 18 - May 18

Merry Christmas to one and all.

We wish that so often but we know that for some Christmas is not a happy or merry time, there may be memories of those Christmases as children that did not match up to the ideal in the adverts or others homes. There may be memories of those who are not with us for the first or for many times There may be changes that make us fear Christmas, in financial terms or in lives or abilities. There is a great deal of pressure to produce the perfect Christmas.

This year at Upton we have sent Mary & Joseph on a journey around the village. They are dependent on people offering their homes, and they are travelling in hope. The perfect Christmas is not about presents, tinsel or a great dinner nor even family together. It is about the hope & generous love God offers us. It is about a baby born in the midst of political turmoil, travelling at the whim of an oppressor, seeking shelter and finding hospitality in the barest of places. This God did not wait until we had sorted everything to God’s satisfaction: God came, in the midst of human mistakes & problems.

God came & dwells with us in the midst of our humanity today as then.

So have a blessed Christmas, conscious of the God who comes & brings hope, love & peace into every home & place. The journey of hope and hospitality our Mary & Joseph are taking is a reminder of the fragile way in which God chose to enter the world.

Here is the centre of the perfect Christmas: God came, dependent & fragile, entering the reality of human life.


Louise Carr