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Pastoral Letter - Sep 17 - Nov 17

As you open up your autumn edition of the Link I hope you have had a pleasant summer with some time for relaxation and refreshment at home or away.

If you look back over the Summer I hope there have been some highlights where you can see and celebrate God’s provision both in the church family and individually.

For me one of the highlights of summer is always the profusion flowers and riot of colours which I see in many of the gardens here in Lincolnshire. Even on the dullest of days they are a reminder of God’s wonderful created world for us to enjoy.

This year however a special highlight was visiting the Methodist Conference in Birmingham for the ordination of Rev Sarah and many others. The affirmation of God’s call to Presbyteral or Diaconal ministry. The completion of one part of a journey but also the beginning of a new phase. It was also good to be reminded of how God still continues to lead and call all of his people, from all backgrounds in various ways and to different tasks.

We were prompted at Conference by the new President and Vice - President about the need to be disciplined in our spiritual life, to meet with God daily, as the firm foundations for all that we seek to do in our service for Him.

September is often a time of new beginnings, of new phases in life. Children and young people start new schools, classes, further education or training and employment. The change in the seasons affects & often impacts on our routines ad patterns in life. In the Methodist church as we begin the new Connexional Year, it is a good time to review our individual daily spiritual habits of bible reading and prayer, also to think about our ‘church family’ disciplines of prayer and looking at the bible together. The things which build us and unify us as the body of Christ and in which we are strengthened to continue on the journey of faith; being witnesses in the communities in which God has placed us.

As we move into a new season of the year and continue to journey in faith may we find ourselves to be daily strengthened by God’s word and seek him in prayer:
“But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness …...” Matthew 6: 33


Anne Coates